from shore to sea, 2015,
English, 7 x 10 in, 48 pages, color, softcover

Co-edited with Sming Sming Books & Objects
Designed and photographed by Thea Lorentzen

from shore to sea focuses on photography’s relationship with the very human attempts to understand, explore, discover, and uncover.

The photographic works presented in this series use methodologie and approaches particular to the fields of anthropology and social sciences. Co-edited with an artist Vivian Sming, from shore to sea hopes to generate discussions about photography’s role in fieldwork and research, from its historical relationship with the colonialist beginnings of anthropology to the medium’s perpetual ability to exist as both artifact and artifice.

The first issue of from shore to sea features two bodies of work, interviews, and research statements by photographers Fiona Amundsen and Rachel Boillot.