The Yellow Book, 2018
English, 8.5 x 11 in, 44 pages, color, softcover

Participating artists:
Jesus Alejandro, Juana Luisa Baltazar, Thomas Birdsong, Tammy Brackens, Heon Choi, Gino Galvez, Ana Gonzales, Maria Kim, Erin McCullough, Medhi Mohammadi, Helen Paik, Larry Pearsall, Renee Rajala, Harvey Schwartz, Christina Yoo

Book designed by SoYun Cho
The thumnail work by Renee Rajala

A series of work inspired by the poem "Meditation on Yellow" by a Jamaican poet Oliver Senior, this project was made possible during my residency program at the Exceptional Children’s Foundation in Downtown Los Angeles.

I was iterested in learning what the color yellow manifests and speaks to other people, especially to the ECF artists with different abilities, and through a live performance, and weekly drawing sessions, we explored their personal associations of the color yellow, and pierce the veil of universal and common associations of the color yellow.

This resulted in an artist book format with individual's unique drawing as a cover, and as an exhibition at ECF.