Hearts and Stars, 2015

Business Cards 2 x 3.5 in
Installation varies

Installation photographs by
Weng San Sit 
Hearts and Stars is a project that grew from the escort busines cards that I collected from the streets of South Korean and US cities. This project explores the idea of ownership and the female body. Ownership in the sense of how the “owner” of a printed image projects it onto subject. For the viewer to reconsider the image of the female body I removed images of them; however, the commonly used symbols of hearts and stars for censorship were kept.

This allows the viewer to avoid approaching the “business cards” from the normal spectrum, such as revulsion, desire, or indifference. The installation of the project involved distributing the cards around the installation as one might encounter them normally in the outside world. Viewers were free to take the cards from the gallery or from the streets near it.