Door to Door, 2012

Duratrans prints 50 x 50 in,
Lightbox installation
Inspired by the car culture in the United States, Door to Door depicts exchanges made between the customer (myself) and service providers in drive thrus. My first introduction to this service left me astonished; how here, economic exchanges can be made without leaving one’s car. It drove me to question the barriers and invisible traps in our daily life constructed by simple, minimal, and detached actions; such as ordering food and goods from one’s car. In order to retexturize the exchange to be more associative, at each drive thru I asked the service provider to take a picture of me, and if I could also take a picture of him or her. Although many workers were willing to take my picture, the response to having their picture taken was varied.

The installation was the outcome of my investigation; it required viewers to experi- ence the setup of drive thrus, but by walking.