Adventure in Time, 2019
Korean, 5.75 x 8.75 in, 336 pages, color, softcover

Collaboration with Jaebum Kim

Published by the City of Seoul’s Urban Regeneration Planning Department 

During the 1950s in postwar Korea there was no technology or industry to make cars, people would repurpose steel drums for the construction of buses, and the metal scraps from the US military bases were often collected, cleaned, and recycled into auto parts. These “auto part” collectors started their career as a ‘Nakama’, a Japanese word for merchant. Over the course of time they would study the parts materials that were left behind by the Japanese and American soldiers, eventually reproducing and manufacturing them in Korea.

Established in the heart of the Seoul by the first-generation auto part merchants, Janganpyeong Automotive Market was the largest auto part aftermarket in Korea and eventually becoming for a period of time one of the strongest industries to contribute to the economic growth of Korea.

As part of Seoul’s urban regeneration planning, the auto part industry will be relocated to Hanam City, providing it a larger work and display space, and more convenience in regards to logistics and transportation.

This project Adventure in Time includes interviews and photographs of the decades-long Janganpyeong store owners and their store.