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Yoga Teaching Schedule




While growing up in Korea, a dream of mine was to join the Navy, and for two reasons. My general fondness for uniforms, particularly pea coats and nautical striped shirts; and the ocean, which was where I wanted to work, and, of course, it was where I could catch the occasional glimpse of dolphins. Sadly, however, my youthful dream did not hold up to the inevitable realization that the military could be very hierarchical, violent and often misogynistic.

Most of my photographs and videos are the outcome of research and investigation of gendered and militarized spaces. I am interested in civilian relationships to militarism and imperialism, particularly those involving women and their labor, immigration and displacement.

I am specialized in translating Korean to English with in-depth knowledge of contemporary art and comparative cultural studies. I also make art, and teach yoga in Los Angeles. You can find my regular teaching schedule at People’s Yoga in East Los Angeles, and One Life Yoga in Pasadena.